1-We believe in Yahwéh as:

the Shaddai (the Almighty), the All Powerful, Omniscient, Omnipresent, and the Creator of all things, the ones that exist and were created under his will. He is known through the ruaj (spirit) by his baním (sons) through the Ruaj Hakodesh (Breath of Life). Yahweh is all knowledge. Yahweh is the Alef (The First) and the Tav (The Last) and from whom everything exists.

Shemot / Exodus 3:14‐15
Yeshayahu / Isaiah 44:8, 43:10
Qorintyahin Alef / 1 Corinthians 8:6
Yojanán/ John 17:3
Romans 16:27
Timtheous Alef / I‐Timothy 6:16
Yahudáh / Jude1:24‐25
Revelation 1:8

2-We believe in Yahshua as:

Ha-Mashiaj (The Messiah), Ben Yahweh (Son of Yahweh), the liberator of all those who were called to become part of the people of Yahweh. We accept that through Yahshua, all things were created and they are sustained. Yahshua is the owner of everything, he is the head and the authority of the Assembly of Yahweh. Yahshua is the Governor of all governors, sovereign of all sovereigns. Yahshua is the first born child from Miryan (Marian) and he was conceived by Yahweh. He was the first one that resuscitated from the dead, and he triumphantly sat on the Ques Hamaljut (throne) of kavod (glory) on the shameh (heaven), for Yahshua Ha-Mashiaj to be the first one.

Hechos / Acts 4:11‐12
Qorintyahin Alef / I‐Corinthians 8:6
Coloseyahim / Colosenses 1:18
Yohanán / John 1:1‐3 y 14, 3:15‐16
Qorintyahin Alef / I‐Corinthians 3‐15‐16, 10:4
Filipsayahim / Philippians 2:5‐7
Yeshayahu / Isaiah 9:6


3-We believe that Yahwéh and Yahshua:

are the names that were revealed to the ones called by Yahwéh (only this accept and understand them). This is for them to invoke him as it was announced on Yoel (Joel): “and everyone who calls on the name of Yahweh will have hatsalá (will be saved); for on Mount Zion and in Yerusalem there will be deliverance, as Yahweh has said, even among the survivors whom Yahweh calls”. They have Yahshua’s testimony, and they keep their mitzvot (commandments) given by Yahweh. These names cannot be change without changing or affecting the order of the universe. These names have no substitute; they are and will be to name the Creator of the visible and invisible: Yahweh and Yahshua, and for this reason they are unchangeable.

Shemot / Exodus 3:14‐15
Yoel / Joel 2:32
Hechos/ Acts 4:11‐12
Romanos / Romans 10:9‐10



4-We believe in the Torah as the words of Yahwéh::

and only those contain the absolutely truth. These must be understood with the help of the Ruaj Hakodesh. The Torah was inspired by Yahweh, the revelation found on them is not found on any other translation that we have nowadays and that separated from the Torah (words revealed by Yahweh). These translations will say many times things that Yahweh did not revealed on the original manuscript. These translations have given the opportunity to have catastrophic transliterations of the real words of Yahweh. The Torah is a compilation of all those Seferim (books) inspired by Yahweh. Those will be the Tanaj (old pact or Old Testament) and Brit Hadashah (renovated pact or New Testament)


Luka / Luke 24:44‐45
Timtheous Alef / II‐Timothy 3:16‐17
Kefa Bet / II‐Peter 3:2
Yahoshúa / Joshua 1:8



5-We believe that the name Jesus:

is preached by christians since the year 300 from the contemporary period, during the government of Constantine. The real name mentioned on the Torah is Yahshua (that means: Yahweh gives hatsalá) and not Jesus (that means: the one that is a horse /check on the detailed study attached on the website). The name Jesus (that comes from the Latin language) does not appear on the Torah, but it appears on the translations from the catholics, christians, and from other cults. This is a transliteration that was manipulated by people that are considered enemies of the name of Yahshua.

Yojanán / John 17:3
Filipsayahim / Philippians 2:9‐11 
Hechos / Acts 4:11‐12



6-We believe that the name of Jehova (which means: the adversary):

was implanted on biblical texts, contrary to the Torah. This was done on the year 1569 by Cipriano De Varela, a catholic priest. He wrote IEHOVA, this name is consider a blasphemy and will never be used as reference instead of Yahweh Shaddai.

Shemot / Exodus 3:15, 23:13
Oshea / Hoseas 12:5
Yeshayahu / Isaiah‐52:6
Tehillim / Psalms 135:13



7-We believe that the term “Señor or Sr.” (that means: god of the flies):  

will not be used by a Ben Yahweh to refer to his Creator Yahweh, or his Matsil (Savior) Yahshua Ha Mashiaj with this false distinction. (The term “Señor or Sr.” is designated too, to Baal, Molok, etc.)

Shemot / Exodus 3:15, 23:13
Oshea / Hoseas 12:5


8-We believe that the term “god”:

comes from the Greek language and it makes reference to Zeus (Jupiter), which is the name of a pagan god that symbolizes the shemeh (heaven) and the eretz (earth). With the term “god” we can make reference to different “gods” within different categories. That is the reason why we will not use the term “god” to make reference about Yahweh. That is a pagan word and term. As an example, we can quote that the Hinduism religion has more than 6.000 “gods”.

Shemot / Exodus 3:15, 23:13
Yeshayahu / Isaiah 48:12



9-We believe that the hatsalá (salvation) is given by Yahwéh under his will:

and that Yahwéh Elohim makes a manifestation of his will for the ones that were predetermine and known since the foundation of the earth , under his Kavod (mercy), according to his power. This call is given only to the ones that Yahshua chose and it is not for everybody. The ones that were called can proclaim and worship Yahweh. They have the opportunity to make teshuvá because they are ben and banót, as we are sinners by nature (Teshuvah is about to confess our sins and to regret about them, this to be forgiven by Yahweh), and this happens through the korbán (sacrifice) made by Yahshua on the post. The ones that were called have the privilege about talking to the Abba (Father) Yahweh and requesting for control and protection. This can be done every time they wish through the emunah (faith), doing everything under the name of Yahshua. We understand that all those that were called are in different locations all around the world; they are or will be believers on Yahshua, taken among the Goyim (gentles) from the world as his people under his name and the Yisraelitas that were converted to Yahshua Ha Mashiaj. These Goyim and the physical Yisrael that were converted to the messianic movement will reach the unity through Yahshua Ha Mashiaj. This will happen on the perfect time according to Yahweh’s will, power, and control.

Yohanán / John 1:9
Romanos / Romans 1:16, 8:28‐30, 9 y 10, 9:24‐27
Hechos / Acts 2:37‐38, 4:11‐12, 15:14
Apsiyahim / Ephesians 1:4‐5
Yohanán Alef / 1 John 1:9
Coloseyahim / Colossians 3:17



10-We believe on the immersion or Tvilá (baptism) under the name of Yahshua:

and that this happens when Yahweh calls their people and gives them his Ruaj Hakodesh. At that time the person that was called is born again, adopted and regenerated, this through the emunah on Yahshua. This happens due to the not deserved továh (mercy) from Yahweh. This is not accomplished by good things done by someone. Besides this rujani (spiritual) identification, the one that was called needs to go through an identification process through water. This is to testify in a public way that the “old being” has died and that the “new being” takes place as ben Yahweh to fulfill his will..

Hechos / Acts 2:38
Romanos / Romans 6



11-We believe that Yahwéh has:

a special care over the kadoshim (the separated ones) named the called ones, or the chosen ones, too. These were adopted by Yahweh and he provides, guides, teaches, sustains, and gives to all of them within the Assembly. All this is given under the promise of the Ruaj Hakodesh.

Yojanán / John 14:26
Romanos / Romans 8:9
Kefa Alef / 1 Peter 5:7
Galut / Galatians 1:15



12-We believe that the physical death on a human being:

is about going back to the inexistence, this happens after the nefesh (soul /breath of life) is taken by Yahweh which gave it to every human being. This physical death is a result of the sin from Adam and Eve on the Eden when they were deceived by Ha-Satan. On this physical death the ben or bat Yahweh waits on his or her tomb to be resurrected by Yahweh and share with him an eternal life. This will be under the promises on the Torah about the resurrection and the eternal life is this will happen with Yahweh as our Judge, the only one with the power to judge. But the one who died on destruction and condemnation will be judge to die for the eternity by Yahweh our Judge..

Bereshit / Genesis 3:19
Iyov / Job 34:14‐15
Kohelet / Ecclesiastes 12:7
Ibrim / Hebrews 9:27
Qorintyahin Bet / 2‐Corintians 5:10



13-We believe on the resurrection for an eternal life from the Kadoshim (the ones that were called) in Yahweh:

this amazing event will happen after we all get an incorruptible body full of kavod (glory). Yahweh with his power will achieve the promise done to all the ones that were call and will resurrect them as he did with Yahshua for an eternal life.

Yeshayahu/Isaiah 25:8
Oshea / Hoseas 13:14
Yojanán / John 3:15‐16 y 6:40
1Corintios / 1 Corintians 15:54
Revelaciones / Revelation 7:17, 20:14 y 21:4



14-We believe on the second come of Yahshua:

This will happen when Mashiaj comes with all his Malajim (angels), to finish with evil on the eretz and to free all those that died and the ones that wait on the emunah (faith), and to start with the eternal government. On that future event, the people from Yahweh will be transformed; we will be given a body on kavod (glory). This body will be incorruptible, supernatural, and with the shekhinah (presence of Yahweh). This will come to happen after the time of tribulation and under the exact time of Yahweh.


Zejaryahu / Zechariah 14:5
Mattityahu / Mathew 16:27 y 25:31
Meir / Mark 13:26‐27
Ibrim / Hebrews 9:28



15-We believed according to the Torah that Yahshua died on yom Revii (Wednesday) at 3 in the afternoon, and that his resurrection took place on yom shabat (Saturday):

Yahshua celebrated with his talmidim (apostles) the Sefer (recitation of the stories about the Yisraeli people going out of Egypt on Shemot) and the Pésaj (Hebrew celebration called Pascua, this one about the Yisraeli people going out of Egypt on Shemot) on yom Shlishi (Tuesday). He dies on yom Revii and not on yom Shishi (Friday). That means that Yahshua resurrected three yamim and three nights during yom shabat at 3 in the afternoon (72 hours later). This happened as Yahshua predicted it on Mattityahu/ Mathew 12:40.


16-We believe that the catholic or christian trinity

trinity is a heresy taken from the different ecumenical councils. This term and designation does not belong to the global concept of the Torah. This is because the words of Yahweh or Torah do not make any mention about the trinity or this term.

Devarim / Deuteronomy 6:4
Isaiah / Isaiah 45:22).



17-We believe that the Torah is the only and absolutely Truth, and that this one is inspired by the Ruaj Hakodesh (breath of Life from Yahweh):

this one is a compilation of books from the Tanaj and the Brit Hadashah that goes from Bereishit to Revelation. The Torah is inspired by Yahweh’s will and for no reason it should become property of any religion, men or group. The Torah, since the beginning, was revealed y directed to Yisrael. (The chosen people of Yahweh)

Mattiyahu /Mathew 4:4,
Timtheous Bet‐ / 2 Timothy 3:16‐17,
Yaakov / James 4:12



18-We believe that Yahshua Ha Mashiaj did not give the origin of a new religion:

but He completed his plan of redemption by adding the natural olive (Yisrael) and the wild branches or olives (the goyim). All those, Yisrael and the Goyim, come from the same olive, allowing the goyim to become part of the plant, until the re-insertion of the Yisrael that believes in Ha Mashiaj. All this under Yahweh’s perfect will, for the ones that he called to become his baním and benot and his people from all nations.

Mattityahu / Mathew 15:24,
Chapter 9 from Romans.