On the 2004 we were a group of christians studying the bible believing that we had the absolute truth. Our leader at that moment started to get interested on information that was available at the internet about a special name that said YaHWéH.

That type of information caused many questions that made our leader change his mind so he started on the 2005 to teach all the information and the truth about the name and all the information related to it.

The first person to answer to YaHWéH’s called. Then, each member of the group that we had at that time started to received the called from YaHWéH and this activated something really important in their lives. Some others did not accept the called and left to continue with the believes that they had at that moment within the christian religion.

On the 2007, the leader´s older ben (son) and the rest of their banim started to know the truth and ended a successful art minister that they had at that time to follow the called given by YaHWéH.

On January of 2007, the union between the arts minister and the people from study group was the start of the new Assembly. This Assembly was called and it is called “Assembly YaHWéH the Real Name”. Nowadays, this group consists of children, youngsters, and adult people.

This union completed a cycle that had started some years before. All this gave as a result an explosion of talent and abilities that have been used to serve YaHWéH according to his plan and what he called us to do.

We have been complementing our duties within our called by using different tools like: Facebook, Twitter, Videos, and e-mails to share the Real Name YaHWéH with the whole world.