About Us

We will like to share with you as visitor, the truth that came to our hearts, and the one that burns as fire in our lives when we learn more about it. That truth that we talk about is the truth about the name of the Creator of the Universe, his name is YaHWéH. We have called Him in so many different ways, but through different studies, information, and when going to the root of the Hebrew language that Yahshua spoke; we learn and believe that there is only one name, given to the men, which is YaHWéH.

On this page we will go through the fundamental basis, based on the Torah on its totality. Everything is based on the words of YaHWéH and has not been changed by men. Besides, we will like to share with you the reason why we call him YaHWéH and the correct name for his Ben Yahshua, and not Jesus or any other name. We have an archive with studies about our doctrine, and shortly, we will be adding more studies to our website.

At the same time, we will like to let you know about questions section to answer anything about your concerns. Soon, we will have a Chat service and on-line post cast studies, and some other services.

If you have been called by YaHWéH, and you life has been touched by the words that were written on this website, we will like to let you know that Yahweh has chosen you, and this is the time to know his true. If you do not share this and do feel identification with the words share on this website, or you consider this silly or ridiculous, we thank you for your interest and we respect your conceptualization of the Creator.